Zoomorphic means to have the form of an animal.

It is official, we have been to 30 states in this country. Last weekend to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina sealed this number. Thanks to my husband who found job in different parts of this country and my son’s treatment option in various parts made me achieve this number. But Myrtle Beach was on bucket list since it is called an autism friendly city. Though we didn’t stay there much it kept it’s promise and my son got free admission into Alligator Adventure , the reptile capital of the world.

There are many God, which we worship in zoomorphic forms. It was really interesting as my husband narrated stories from our Puranas and Ithihasas as we saw the reptiles.

A Great Saint Shuka Bramham who narrated Shrimad Bhagavatam had a parrot head. The different incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu included Fish, Tortoise, Lion and a Boar. So as we saw the Galapagos Tortoise it reminded as how the Lord, in the form of a Tortoise in Kurma avatar saved a mountain from sinking. So the stories continued. My Golu or Doll show that I do every year during Navaratri shows different stories and this year in particular was how an elephant King Gajendra was saved by Lord Narayana from a crocodile. The bill boards along the way guided us to this park, but deep spiritual person in me felt as if there was a message for me from above. As we discussed these stories I felt some kind of immense happiness, let me tell you I am not a reptile person at all. As the live alligator show was on , I was running away from that place and walked with my eyes closed when my son pushed me around the snakes.

For RDP Friday: Zoomorphic

The Daily Spur word prompt: official.

Galapagos Tortoise
Lord saving elephant from the clutches of crocodile
Lord in different animal forms, fish, tortoise, boar and lion and of course our favorite Ganesh, the Elephant God

5 responses to “Zoomorphic”

  1. […] today, I found one to be “egg”. I didn’t need a lexicon to find the meaning unlike zoomorphic which I had written about […]


  2. Hi Uma, those are good stories, I am happy you felt happy hearimg the stories. That was a lot of crocodiles, Did Ani like them?

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    1. He was not excited about the crocs but we were surprised when he closed his ears when the parrots were making noise. The crocs and the gators were just lying around it technically didn’t catch his attention in any form😀.


  3. Parrots can be very loud, I know because I have four of them😀

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