Shubhakrita New Year

Happy New Year or Shubhakrita Puthandu Nal Vazhthukal for all my friends who are celebrating New Year tomorrow. Tamil people follow Lunar calendar and our New Year always falls on April 14th and very rarely on the 15th.

I grew up in a household that mixed up tradition from two states so when I got married I incorporated vishu into my new year celebrations even though my husband family did not do the same.

Preparing the alter with fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and lentils and flowers all symbolizing prosperity is placed the day before along with gold, silver and money. Kids eyes are closed and bought to the altar early in the morning and are asked to look at these prosperous items and the head of the household gives each person of the family money wishing them a prosperous new year.

My husband never knew of this tradition so I had played the head of household role and given my younger one money and he has always been excited about this part of thr celebrations . 😃With my Dad being with us this year, I hope my son’s pocket would be much more heavier! 😉

As I went shopping today I found all fruits to be on sale. American marketing system doesn’t know about Vishu otherwise the fruits would be marketed in a different way with a profit margin.😅

Last year my special one made the sweet for New Year and it had been a wonderful year. Hopefully it would be the same this year too.

Semiya payasam from Ani’s kitchen!😀

boil in water
add milk and boil
switch off stove with sugar added!

4 responses to “Shubhakrita New Year”

  1. We use that same milk. 😀

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    1. A2 milk is supposed to be healthy!


  2. This year’s Vishu special to u since your parents are with you. God bless u all.

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