Found this beauty on our travel this weekend. They too seem to be putting their heads up inspite of the harsh weather.

I learnt from a zookeeper that snakes and alligators eat to their full and do not search for food for weeks and some do not even eat for a month.

We humans boast ourselves that we have a sixth sense and have done so much scientific advances but still complain about weather changes and hunt constantly for food. All the fast food joints and to go meals and microwavable food does give us a negative score.

For Cee’s FOTD

6 responses to “Tulips”

  1. Hi Uma, poor Tulips, they come up even in the cold and you are right, on Saturday me and Ringo only went around the block because of the snow/rain.

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  2. So pretty with the fresh snow. 😀

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  3. I love tulips. They seem so happy – even when dusted with snow 💖

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