Korean Rose

I planted two Korean rose bush shrubs just to use these flowers for my prayer offering. As the bushes started blooming I didn’t have the heart to pluck all the flowers.

There is a story about Pandava brothers and their flower offerings. Once the Pandava brothers Bheema and Arjuna went to heaven. They saw two mounds of flowers, one very huge and one very small. They asked what that was. They said it was the nirmalyam or the flowers that were offered to God by them. Arjuna was an ardent devotee thought his was the huge one. That is when he was informed that the smaller one was his and the bigger one his brother Bheema’s. He was surprised. He then learnt whenever Bheema saw a flowering tree , he would close his eyes and offer them to God. The one that was small was just the personal offerings made by Arjuna.

I always remember the story and try to pick some and leave the rest to the plant. I offer them to God just like Bheema. 😀

Lesson learnt from the story sometimes thoughts count more than action! The cluster of flowers are always a wonderful sight to see!

For Cee’s FOTD and Ragtag Community Monday prompt cluster!

Happy Spring!

6 responses to “Korean Rose”

  1. Hi Uma, I have those too but I call them Rose of Sharon, they are very beautiful and the bees love them too❣️❣️🌸

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    1. It says Korean rose too😀. Yes I too love the bees .


  2. Beautiful photo for all these challenges 😀 😀

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