As I browse through and learn about clematis , it looks like a hard creeper to grow. I thought I can use seeds to grow, but I need to purchase a plant that is at least two years old. Know more about the plant here.

I do have one weak vine that occasionally blooms in the summer. I am really surprised with Mother Nature. I haven’t worked hard towards maintaining this vine. But every year I see this vine coming up on it’s own after it winter sleep and surprising us with a purple bloom in the midst of some bushes.

I am really happy making a weekly post for Cee’s Flower of the Day. As I search my archives for pictures, I learn something new about my flowers in the process.

This post is For Cee’s FOTD

2 responses to “Clematis”

  1. Hi Um, I have a clematis vine too. Paul and I bought it as a root at Home Depot many years ago. It climbs my outdoor pole. I have to use Velcro plant fasteners to attach it to my pole or it gets so heavy it just falls down. Last year I bought a little trellis for it to climb up. Mine has purple flowers too💜💜

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  2. That is good. I really love the purple blooms.


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