Learning a lesson

New water pipes are being laid on our street. It is a great thing since the old pipes thrown out seem to be broken. The price to be paid has been water shut off notices. We had one shut off last week and one was issued this week for Tuesday but the shutoff happened yesterday only.

So what is it with my son with all his anxieties and water shut offs. It was a real test and teaching moment. Last week he had a meltdown for 45 minutes and we told him to go and ask the workers outside. He went out saw around and came back. He was able to understand things weren’t under his control.

Yesterday was much better with just 20 minutes meltdown. But both times, he asked his Dad to fix the pipes under the sink and when he said he cannot, my son asked him to to go to Walmart! Yes Dad knows everything and you get everything at Walmart 😀!

Anyhow in all this mess it wasn’t until lunch time, at a restaurant, a business lunch (no water in the house, a home maker too can have business lunch!) according to my better half, that I noticed on the TV that Russia had attacked Ukraine. I was least bothered by it since I was putting out fires in my own home with no water.

Social media posts and the evening news gave me the full picture of what was happening outside my zone. Every time when something like this happens I think about parents with special needs kids like me son who have to bear a bit more than they already are. How many kids’ routines are going to be affected? How many therapies and treatments are going to be stopped? So much normalcy is affected. Just a few days back I saw a video from Ukraine where I saw people casually shopping in supermarkets. Life is not going to be the same. Lesson will be learnt but tough ones in tough situations.

Watching as new pipes are being laid!

6 responses to “Learning a lesson”

  1. At least you must be happy they do the work very systematically and professional way

    Where as in India during Jan 22 rain in chennai we were struggling without water abd power for 3 days. You know how these people work in India .

    I can understand your plight managing special son at this difficult times. Why don’t you take your Dad and Mother to USA for 3 to 4 months as they also need s break. We are going to see my son , DIL and cute 2 grand daughters after long 2 years. Eager to see them in Boston on 3/3/22.
    Please force your parents to travel USA without delay anymore.

    Pl take care all of you.

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  2. Of course uncle I badly want my parents to come here. But they do not have visas! Hope you can visit us in Pittsburgh. SV Temple is a tourist spot.
    Btw definitely better than India when I remember you loosing power during the rains.


  3. Oh, I never thought about how something seemingly benign can affect people. Glad he’s getting used to it. Perhaps it’s a growing experience for him?

    Stay blessed and have a wonderful weekend, Ganga. ❤️

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    1. Yes, there are even smaller ones that can cause anxiety and panic attacks. It is like handling glass. But the human brain can be trained. So definitely this was an experience. Thank you.🙏

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      1. Well, here’s to more positive experiences for you all. 😉

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  4. I admire your honest stories, and how you shed some light on what it’s like to care for neurodivergent family members. But let’s not talk about your son. Even I would be freaking out at random water shutdowns. I don’t do well with unpredictability and chaos, lol. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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