Growing up in India, my idea of America was what I read in books. I still remember reading ” The Mysterious Mannequin” book in the Nancy Drew detective series, all time favorite detective . My Dad introduced me to Perry Mason series and I loved it. Maybe that is the reason I binge watch so many criminal shows now . With a hectic family life watching a show on TV seems to be much easier since I know the killer or the unsub (Criminal Minds) in forty minutes.

Written for weekend writing prompt.

This is my third weekend I have attempted this and I am truly enjoying it. Conveying a message in a given number of words is hard.

8 responses to “Mannequin”

  1. That was good Uma since mannequin is not usually a topic of conversation, but you luckily remembered your Nancy Drew book. I did not read Nancy Drew when I was little but I did read a lot of books about dogs like Lad, a dog and Lassie Come Home and Old Yeller. But I did watch reruns of Perry Mason in black and white.

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    1. I have never seen Perry Mason on TV, but found out it’s free on Amazon Prime. I should start watching it!😀


      1. They are fun to watch I was watching some because I get it on paramount app (CBS app). They are so fun because it is like a time machine to see how things were in the late 59’s. All the men and women smoke and drive big old cars. The ladies all wear dresses and hats and the men wear suits and ties.

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      2. Yes it will be interesting.


  2. I’ve only recently started responding to Sammi’s Weekend prompts and I totally agree, the word limit gives it a special dimension. Keep going! Love your take on the prompt.

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    1. Thank you for supporting me with your comment. It is a fun prompt.


  3. Perry Mason? Not exactly the comedy club. Interesting take on the prompt.

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