Black History Month

Yesterday I learnt along with my son about Alma Thomas, an African American artist during his online arts class. We created an abstract painting just like hers.

My son needs hand over hand while painting but yesterday, he independently made a sun and we developed on it. We used red, green, yellow and blue and the colors started mixing as we moved with our work. My Grandma used to say her Grand Father was School of Arts Principal, and that he was a great artist. I kept smiling and was thinking about it as we finished off the painting.. Anyhow this is an abstract painting and nothing can be wrong and he was proud to make his signature.😊

4 responses to “Black History Month”

  1. I’m looking at it as a colorful soccer ball. That’s art, it’s open to interpretation 🙂.

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  2. That is so beautiful Uma, maybe Ani has art in his genes, it is so colorful too, did Ani sign his name too?🎨🖌🖼🥰

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    1. Yes, He loves signing his name. We had worked for it!


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