It has been a challenge to grow sunflowers since birds feed on the seeds as soon as I plant them. Sometimes I think why I should put in that effort 😂! I have see some yards with these huge sunflowers and I really want to knock on their door for advice. The above sunflower definitely not from my garden and I also do not remember from where I took this picture. As I browse my archives, I see no clue. But it is a beauty!

This tiny sunflower is something that survived the birds and the critters in my garden. This was taken more than seven years ago. I do not have any more pictures of sunflowers so I think, I had just fed the tiny animals in my garden. Here comes March and I am ready to plant sunflowers again!

This is for FOTD.

4 responses to “Sunflowers”

  1. Wonderful sunflowers for the day. Thanks so much for playing along 😀

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  2. I love sunflowers too Uma, there is a house on the other side of Old Meadow and his sunflowers reseed themselves every year and come back on their own. Me and Ringo see them on our walk in the summer and we see goldfinches pulling the seeds out🙂

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    1. Yes Kim, I have seen that. I didn’t know sunflowers reseed!


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