Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle State Park.

Off late we have been crazy about walking on trails. What began as a 10,000 steps a day has transformed into 5k walks. So, where can we enjoy these 5k walks. Of course on a trail!

5k walk on the Montour Trail! half way point.

The Montour connects to other rails-to-trails in western Pennsylvania and beyond: the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and the C&O Canal Towpath, a completed trail system that stretches 300+ miles from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC.; the Panhandle Trail — a converted railroad line that stretches from Weirton, West Virginia, to Carnegie. And this local resource is part of U.S. Bicycle Route 50, which runs east-west and, when completed, will span the country.

We live close to many of the Montour Trailheads and with an ice cream shop close by it becomes much more easy for my son to be bribed.

Our successful walks along Montour Trail led us into Great Allegheny Passage. We had fun last summer doing rail biking in Frostburg, Maryland.

Rail biking during summer.

Then on our 25th Wedding Day we landed ourselves in Cumberland, Maryland another stop on the Great Allegheny Passage. The fall colors were vibrant.

October Fall Colors.

Yesterday was one mild winter day so we took a drive to stop in one other trail at Ohiopyle State Park. A wonderful 5km walk and an ice cream was all needed for my son to have a good night sleep.

Ohiopyle State Park, a mild winter day!

We may not be walking the entire distance between Pittsburgh and Washington but enjoy doing them in bits on the Great Allegheny Passageway!

7 responses to “Trails”

  1. Looks like a very beautiful hobby! I had no idea there were so many trails that spanned much of that area.

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  2. Thank you. Yes there are!😀


  3. Walking trials are indeed fun, nothing beats the outdoor…enjoy!

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    1. We are now addicted to that pleasure!

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