Butterfly Bushes

Expecting an ice/snow storm later this week, so why not begin February with a post for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge. #FOTD here .

We didn’t know that this was a butterfly bush until a family member who came to visit told us about it. I really have to thank her since we truly enjoy those butterflies.

This maybe flower of the day challenge, but the butterfly is included in it!😊

This is one of the challenges I followed all last month and really excited to make my first post. I do not have many pictures but really happy to share what I do have in my archives!

9 responses to “Butterfly Bushes”

  1. We have the same bush and I love seeing the butterflies feeding.

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  2. I didn’t know you had a butterfly bush Uma❤️ I love them, I think I am going to get one to plant this year. My favorite bush in my yard is my pussywillow bush. My Dad always said when they bloom it is the first sign of Spring.

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    1. Hope you get one!😀


  3. Is that your picture Uma of the butterfly bush with the beautiful butterfly on it?

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    1. Yes Kim. It’s on the other side. It was already there when we moved here! And yes that is my picture.


      1. It is perfect with the butterfly on it🦋

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  4. Oh this photo is stunning ;D

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