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I received an email for an online craft project. Supplies needed were a photo frame, glue and a bag of conversation hearts! Now I had no idea what conversation hearts meant and so I had to use my search engine. I found out what they were and went out to pick it up at Walmart. I have thrown many of these in the trash for their sugary content when my kids got their goody bags from school but never have I bothered to read the name on the box!

There was a chat going on in a group and the word metaverse was used. Again this was another word for which I had to use the search engine again.

So it was twice this week I had observed that I was using the search engine to learn something new. But again I was notified by my prayer group about a quiz on a particular topic , again search engine to find guide notes😀.

So I was thinking what did we do before search engine came. Our first desktop was purchased in 1998. Before that how did we survive? I don’t remember. If anyone remembers let me know😀!

We finished the star valentines project again thanks to search on fb groups and also did a Noah’s Arc 300 piece puzzle. Let me tell you building the boat was definitely hard! The animals waited a long time😀

As we made the puzzle I was thinking how closely Bible’s Noah’s Arc and Srimad Bhagavadam’s Matsya Avataram (Fish Incarnation) are closely related. If anyone doesn’t know any one of the story I definitely know you all can use your favorite search engine and learn! 😊

Here is our Noah’s Arc. Started at 10 am and finished around 5.30 pm! Oh we had a lot of breaks!

7 responses to “Search Engine”

  1. Thanks to you, I too learnt what those conversation hearts are now😂.
    Love your style of writing.

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  2. Ha ha, that is funny about conversation hearts with little endearing words on them, I think they are fun for little kids, they taste good too. I love them. The Noah’s Ark is nice, the animals went in two by two, two of each species!! I use Google search all the time. Before Internet, we used our big dictionary, and my Mom bought us a set of encyclopedias. I used to like to just open one up and read about all the different topics. And we went to the public library and got out books and got magazines. Or we just asked our Mom or Dad. My Dad seemed to know EVERYTHING🙂. But it was not instantaneous information like now.

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  3. Also, I l❤️Ve your finished Valentine’s Day wreath. It is very pretty. Did you know St. Valentine is a Saint. You can read about him if you Google Saint Valentine!!


    1. Kim Your Dad seemed to have been a know all person ❤️! Yes I need to google Saint Valentine😊!


  4. Definitely a tough puzzle to put together with so many pieces looking just the same. You must have a lot of patience.

    As for life before search engines – we had encyclopedias, libraries, and all sorts of almanacs.

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    1. Yes we did have all those! Thank you for checking my blog out!

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