My personal reflection

I have been asked by some what next after a month of blogging challenge. I need to first reflect a bit upon my last month writing. Except for a couple of prompts I enjoyed doing most of them.

Interesting fact, I was able to provide video and photographers from my own phone for almost all of the prompts and my photos and videos got appreciated. I have never considered myself as a photographer so that was encouraging and it looks like lot of them love food and that post definitely got a lot of hits😀.

So my future writing would involve pictures. I may not post recipes but everone loves the sight of food so maybe my dinner or lunch would find a place.

Dosa!😀😀 btw we call it dosai😉

I also now know if I hit a writer’s block I can look around for a challenge for that particular day and see if it works for me.

January was bitterly cold and depressing but I got through with bloganuary .

I thank wordpress and the bloganuary team for giving a wonderful opportunity to write and to meet so many new bloggers. I loved every single view point. Even if they had passed the prompt it was presented in a way that made me smile.

Meet you all in February!


12 responses to “My personal reflection”

  1. Food pics always hit the spot…lol…It was a great challenge and i think most of us have come away having learnt something about ourselves and blogging 🙂

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    1. Yes did learn a lot about ourselves 😁

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  2. So nice meeting you! You’re one of my favorites that I’ve been reading on Bloganuary and I will continue to follow you.

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    1. Thank you! It was nice meeting you too. A wonderful opportunity.


  3. Always a great idea to have multiple mediums, so pics are always welcome. And your pic does make me want to eat thosai (and yeah, here in Malaysia we call them thosai too). More pics please. And thanks for this post!

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    1. Thanks for checking the post. Yes learnt a lot this month! It was a blogging camp!😊


  4. That’s awesome that you’ve found a way to improve your blog through #bloganuary.

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  5. It’s a good achievement to keep up to your challenge and continue writing after your 1 month ended !

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  6. Hello
    I am still learning but your idea is interesting hopefully
    I will ride with you. It is first things first my friends.
    good luck with everything


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