The Star!

#Bloganuary Challenge Day 31

Last Prompt: How do you feel when you look at the stars?

This question will be answered in two parts!

One before my marriage and one after marriage.

Before marriage:

I loved being on the terrace of my house in Chennai. I enjoyed the stars, the moon and thinking about the far beyond. I had thoughts about aliens, UFOs a big deal in the eighties and of course about heaven and hell me being bought up in an orthodox home. That was my place of solitude 😁.

After marriage:

Things changed completely when I came to The United States. We do not have a terrace here😊. The sun sets so late during summer and I rarely see the stars. It is too cold during winter for me to go out and enjoy the sky. So if I do see something in the sky it is always a teaching moment with my son asking him “what is that?” Poor kid, if I raise my fingers it would be airplane, moon or the star😀.

So practically I have stopped feeling anything looking at them.

Now this is the star I am looking at right now a half finished valentines craft work I am doing with my son! I thought I had finished it but I still see some more fillings can be done. Going through an fb Dollar Tree craft group for more ideas. Hopefully we should be done by tomorrow! Btw glue guns are hot!

Now that I successfully finished my challenge, going back to my regular schedule! That was too bad in the past two years. I just wrote once or twice a month. Hopefully will definitely be more than that since I have ripped off the band aid . I do now have a lot of support from my husband😉.

7 responses to “The Star!”

  1. Not just support from your husband but a whole community of people 🙂

    I hope you post a picture of your craft when you’re done.

    Have a great day!

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  2. Thank you! Will post the craft and will be watching out for ur food blogs!


  3. Oo, I hope you post a picture of your finished art work!

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    1. Ha Ha I have to 😀!

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  4. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. I love those Dollar Store Facebook groups! Glue guns sure are hot…LOL

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    1. Thank you! The glue guns need to be mentioned 😊!


  5. Hi Uma, I used to look at the stars in the summer with my Dad. I grew up in Dormont and we had a front porch. Daddy and I used to look up at the stars on Summer nights. I loved those summer days. My son showed me an app called nightsky. Two summers ago before the pandemic, we would go outside and the app would show you the visible planets. That was so interesting, there are other worlds up there. I love your Valentine’s craft. You will post it I saw.

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