Bloganuary Challenge Penultimate Day!

Feels like being in a blogging camp! 😀

Prompt of the day:

Bloganuary Challenge Day 30

Describe yourself as a Tree 🌳

Cook State Park! The trees were so tall!

I love trees. Trees are home to so many living creatures. They expect nothing back in return and provide the living beings with everything they can offer. They do not move from place to place in search of better life. They adapt to the particular surrounding and try to adjust to the environment. Irrespective of the different kinds of weather they undergo on a continuous basis they keep their heads up and stand tall.

Fall colors
The oak in front of our house Summer’s shade
Spring Bloom
Freezing winter 🥶

As a human I do not even know how I can compare myself to a tree. The tree in front of my house reminds me how calm I should be in life. Maybe I can say I do not expect much from my kids for myself in that way I am like a tree! Just like a tree is able to blossom itself back during spring I have picked up myself whenever I have had my lows and was able to start afresh. There is a lot more still, I need to learn my from a tree.

16 responses to “Bloganuary Challenge Penultimate Day!”

  1. Beautiful pictures 🙂

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  2. What lovely photos, they remind me of where I was born in northern Illinois.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes I live in Western Pennsylvania we are called North East but I would say we are part of midwest only !😊

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  3. Nice reflection. Standing tall and staying grounded in any situation, good take aways!

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  4. I love your observations about trees. I never thought about a tree like you said how a tree never thinks about moving to a different place. And how trees accept their environment and adjust to their environment so they can survive. I like that. Also, trees are giving because they allow squirrels and birds to build homes in them, and they have insects and fruit for birds to eat. I loved all your posts everyday. I hope you keep posting everyday but even if only a few times a week.

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    1. Thank you so much for following me the entire month. Hopefully I would be able to continue couple of times a week😊 .


      1. There is still tomorrow, January 21st🙂

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  5. I love trees, too. This would be a difficult prompt for me, so I’ve gotta say, well done!

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    1. Yes it was. Thank you!


  6. What a beautiful post! I love trees and your photos are amazing! It’s good to meet you and thank you for the follow.

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  7. Stunning photographs ☺️

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  8. I love trees as well. After living in Massachusetts for most of my life, I was amazed at all the different trees there are in Virginia and Texas.

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