Bloganuary Day 29!

When I first read this prompt, the thought was guilty as I am doing nothing to change the world. I have been a home maker and life revolves around my family. But then the proverb “Charity begins at home” made sense for people like me.

My younger one sends me pictures of animals that needs to be adopted and would ask me money. It can be polar bears or an African elephant. So, yes I have taught him something that wants him to do something back for the community.

Here he is in the video doing a polar plunge for Children’s Hospital fundraising , during Christmas 😊. Not huge , but anything little adds up for the greater good!

8 responses to “Bloganuary Day 29!”

  1. What we do in our day to day life with the people God blessed us with is our calling and way that we are changing the world. The love, teaching, guidance and mercy that you are sharing within your family and those that you encounter each day, ripples out in ways that you will never comprehend. You are doing the most important work possible…always keep that beautiful knowledge in your heart❤️

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  2. What you do Uma it’s share with me also, you bring me into your life by inviting me to see your doll collection, and bringing me delicious foods you make for your religious holidays, and you text me if something happens like our power goes out. And you give me a kind friend and neighbor that I can talk to and we talk when we are outside. You help me so much with your kindness.

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    1. ❤️ Thanks for these kind words!


  3. Every little thing you do is making a difference! You can be proud! ❤

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  4. You got that right!! He is going to be one of the leaders in our world tomorrow, so your impact on him has changed the world!

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    1. 😊 Definitely for animal causes. The current generation is very good compared to mine.

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