My music list!

I have a monthly subscription to apple music. So I can hear any music I want. But my favorite has always been South Indian Classical Carnatic Music. I have healing music going on twenty four hours for my son’s sake. But it is usually in the background. Off late whenever I get time I am listening only to my class lessons since I have so much pending pieces that I need to practice. I have one music class and I joined another one for extra input and then I do participate in a monthly gathering (Satsang) for bhajans. So technically I am listening to my teachers singing posted on groups.

Anyway that is what is in my playlist now. My Music Guru is my Aunt .. She has composed simple and easy tunes to many hymns. My musical knowledge is very less but I enjoy every bit learning these hymns.

Anyway here is a small tidbit from Valmiki Ramayana. The piece narrates Lord Hanuman crossing the ocean in search of Seetha.

9 thoughts on “My music list!

    1. Yes Kim that is my Aunt. We are taking turns singing one verse. My Aunt has tuned it differently from the regular chant version 😀. she is very good at it. It makes it easy and more enjoyable.

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  1. Very nice to see how you are occupying yourself by learning music from athai. I really appreciate your dedication and involvement in everything you do. It was nice listening to your session. Keep it up!

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