Sensory Room

#Bloganuary Day 27!

Prompt of the Day: Where do you go when you need solitude?

It is a simple answer. I go to my basement when I need solitude.

My basement has undergone so many changes in so many years in physical appearance but it has always the place of solitude for our family as a whole.

The basement began as a sensory room for my son. A place my special one could have his “me time” during his meltdowns. With limited lights, white noise, therapy balls, trampoline, proprioceptive and vestibular therapeutics it was THE place for my son when he needed his solitude.

Sensory room

The basement transformed itself into a mini gym when the pandemic started (so there is a Television) and my son’s sensory room slowly transformed into a place of solitude for the entire family.

When I go to the basement I find myself away from my life as a homemaker, with no contact to my top two floors. I do not need to go away miles to find peace, I could find that happiness by just taking a few steps down to the basement. In fact my husband and my second son too have found that happiness and I see them sneaking to the basement 😄. Yes there is the Television and any show or sports can be streamed on to it. But once you are there, you loose contact with the rest of the family. I think with pandemic with all of us bouncing on to each other more than ever I felt the basement is definitely a mini heaven in our house.

So how is my special one doing in this room. He still gets the sensory settings for his morning exercise and begins his day only there. But he too goes alone and has a neurotypical solitude time and hangs out just like the rest of us alone.😊

Foot note:

I maybe writing about the sensory room more in the future since it helped in many ways for my son.

9 responses to “Sensory Room”

  1. I am so happy you love your basement for solitude and alone time. There is a funny commercial on tv where the camera shows all the rooms in the house full of family activities, and then they show a Mom sitting on her cellar steps and it says this is the panic room. They mean that she goes to the basement when she is stressed and needs a break from the family activity. I am the opposite though, I don’t like to be in my cellar too long doing laundry or other things because I like the noise and business of the upstairs and I like all the window blinds up and front door open so I can see outside. We are all different in what brings us peace.

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    1. Yes Kim we are all so different 😀. You can find solitude even in the midst of chaos.

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  2. I find soltitude outside, but everyone is different and I am glad you found what works for you! Thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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    1. Thanks for visiting my page. Will definitely look at yours too.😊


  3. Thank you for sharing this post with me. A sensory room is a great idea for someone who needs to have that special place. I’d love to read more about it. You are obviously very caring and competent parents.

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  4. Your sensory room sounds so relaxing. No wonder you love going to the basement!

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