Life lessons.

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

#Bloganuary Day 15!

My Mom keeps saying me to ” take care of your health”. I think that is one simple life lesson that needs to be reminded as we become an adult. Health can include both physical health and mental health. I think I have to agree with her. Genetically we may end up with a physical or mental illness as we age, but we do not need to make to those things act up quicker by not taking caring of ourselves properly. Just like a vehicle needs maintenance our body and brain needs the same kind of maintenance. Internet is full of resources that can help us do that, may be a bit too much but I think that is good. We can watch our diet, do some exercise and take a break from our hectic routine. Few minutes of yoga or just as my Dad says closing our eyes and relaxing could be a good option.

I am not perfect, but trying to do things here and there and trying to keep up my sanity so that I can be there for my kids as I grow old.

I do not have much to write but would love to read what others have to say on this prompt. So please feel free to comment.

4 responses to “Life lessons.”

  1. I know there are a lot of life lessons I have learned but one that I remember is this. When I was a young girl, my brothers and I had to take turns doing the dishes after supper. No one had dishwashers back then. When it was my turn, I’d always put it off and not do it right away. Then the chore seems overwhelming. My Dad used to tell me this, Kim, the hardest part about doing a job is thinking about it!! He was right!! A lot of times I put off a chore I think is too hard or overwhelming to start. Thinking about it makes me more anxious that it is undone. So it is better to just start it even if only for a half hour or so. My Dad also used to tell me Don’t wish your life away. He’d say that when I’d be wishing Christmas would come faster or Summer would come faster so school would be over. My Father died in 1986 when he was 62. I miss him so much but I remember the things he told me.

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  2. Thanks for sharing!🙏


  3. Health is super important! and yet, I’m overweight and typing on my laptop while reclining on the couch at this moment. Guess I’ll go do a short yoga routine before dinner.

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    1. Anything is better than nothing!

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