Turmeric Harvest

Write about a challenge you faced and overcame!

Bloganuary Challenge Day 14!

Happy Pongal!

January 14th is Pongal, a harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, India. Couple of other states also celebrate the same festival by different names. So Happy Pongal, Makar Sankranti, Lohri and Bihu!


We plan to celebrate the same festival in our house on Saturday. We worship the Sun source of energy for our crops to grow. It is supposed to be the same day He starts His journey North. It is Uttarayanam or summer solstice.

Along with rice and sugarcane, turmeric is harvested and used in the worship. This year in my house I am a teeny bit proud to say I harvested some turmeric. Living in the North Eastern United States growing tropical plants is a challenge.

Last year I got store bought turmeric and planted in a pot. The plant grew so huge, I was so excited to pull it out and harvest, but just to my disappointment there were none under just plain roots.

This year I chose three different pots and placed them in three different places, two of them sprouted and one grew big. The smaller one died in October just during the frost. So I got the one pot leftover inside my house. Two days back I decided to do the harvest, since the leaves had almost died, and with little confidence started digging. I was surprised to find the root fully mature and harvesting was a fun process.

I faced a challenge of growing a tropical plant and I succeeded, but will I be able to repeat it again next year is the biggest question! Let’s wait and see!

13 responses to “Turmeric Harvest”

  1. Congratulations on your turmeric harvest. I understand the challenges with getting a harvest sometimes. Good luck for next year’s harvest.

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  2. So proud of you . suuuuper

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  3. Lakshminarayanan Sabhesan Avatar
    Lakshminarayanan Sabhesan


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  4. Wow Uma, I have heard how turmeric is good for you, but I didn’t know you could grow it. You eat the roots, right, like potatoes. Paul used to grow potatoes in our garden and dig them out after the green leaves die down. Is turmeric like that, how is your pointsettia flower doing?

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    1. Kim, it is a spice. You have to use very tuny quantity. Usually it is dried and made into a powder. But I will be grinding it up.


  5. Wow! That is really cool! Well done!😊 I tried growing radishes once, but didn’t succeed. 😁

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  6. Lalitha Lakshmanan Avatar
    Lalitha Lakshmanan

    Oh. Nice turmeric harvest Uma!

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  7. Congratulations 🎉

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