Ideal day!

What does your ideal day look like?

#Bloganuary Challenge Day 13

McDonald Trail Station History Center, PA

My special boy is a part of my life. My day’s activities revolve around him or according to his comfort level. I never wanted to write about his issues but I have to point out a few.

My son’s sleep is very poor. So when he has a good night’s sleep my day really begins good. It is really hard to have a good day when you wake up at 3 am in the morning. A good sleep results in me doing a lot of activities with him, giving me a satisfaction that I have accomplished something with him. It can include an arts and craft work or making lunch together.

On a good day he usually is tired by his activities, he is not much irritated or cranky nor does not he have high anxiety levels, he settles in his room with his music. I love that free time. That is the time I pick up on my extracurricular activities and do something for myself. I binge watch shows, but on an ideal day that does not happen. I record myself singing or learn a bhajan. I think that calmness helps me sing with devotion to God.(Oh I am not a singer, so it may not be an ideal day for someone listening to me).

I love the walks I do outside when the weather is good in the evenings. But on ideal evenings, I love to sit in the playground or park and watch things going around , like the babies smiling or two kids competing on a slide or a Mom juggling herself with three kids. I love to have a casual conversation with the dog owners when I pet their babies.

A weekend ideal day would be to eat out in a restaurant, go to a museum, any kind and observe things. I am not particular if it is a science or an art museum. I love to observe things. I enjoy taking the train to these museums with my son. He loves the train.

Ideal days and evenings may not happen together nor do they occur frequently but I do cherish those ideal moments.

8 responses to “Ideal day!”

  1. Hi Uma, when you wake up at 3am, do you get to go back to sleep? Also, where do you go to ride a train, is it the downtown train station? I just wondered because riding a train seems like so much fun!!

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    1. We take the T from South Hills village. We call it train!😀 It is hard to go back to at 3 am.😞


  2. I still call it the streetcar, where do you go? That is hard to wake up at 3am. I’d be tired too. I grew up riding the street card to town all the time and to school at Pitt, I took the streetcar, then a bus from town.

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    1. We just roam around downtown. Sometimes he has just taken a round trip on it . Its a light rail system so he calls it train and loves it😀


      1. Do you have a connect card to ride, Downtown is fun,so many people on the street like a mini New York City.


      2. yes it is fun. We haven’t done in the park two years!


  3. I applaud you for doing a great job of taking care of your special child. Hope you always get the strength and the stamina so that you will also enjoy your time with him and also to have some precious “me” time.Have a good day.

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