Laughter the best medicine 😀


What makes you laugh?

It can be a two part question. Who makes you laugh ? What do they do that make you laugh? If I answer these questions I think I may get the answer what makes you laugh!

My family makes me laugh.

As a young girl, my grandmother told us funny stories and anecdotes from her childhood and those made me laugh. All her kids my Dad ,Uncle and my Aunt all have a sense of humor and they narrate things the same way as her, and they have made me laugh . Narrating an incident that makes others laugh is a skill and I should say I am lucky that I had the experience of listening to their stories.

My kids make me laugh. I love all their silliness. I love and laugh at all their naughtiness. I love and laugh at all the memes my younger one sends me on his snap! I need to save those so I can make him blush in future!

My husband makes me laugh. He is not a story teller but it seems his cousins are. So whenever he talks with them he comes and narrates that! I really enjoy all these stories.

I enjoy and laugh at all the funny memes my extended family members post on WhatsApp group. I think these memes may sometimes be duplicated but they do produce laughter. Isn’t laughter a good medicine?

I have talked about everyone except my Mom. Being with my Dad my Mom has always felt Dad over rules her in the speech department. But I do call her every day and she definitely would have something funny to tell me every day to make my mood go up. I usually call her in the morning, but one day ,overnight she had sent me a big message on WhatsApp about a funny incident and she didn’t even want to wait to narrate it to me. It’s nearly four and half years since I saw her and feeling really sentimental today and tad frustrated too. So I am going to share what she had messaged me.

It was early in the pandemic, mid 2020s. My Dad was complaining to the vegetable lady that the green chillies (the hot spicy ones) that she gave the last time weren’t spicy enough. The vegetable lady said , sir i am scared you are not able to taste chillies, so you may have corona and ran away!😂😂😂😂

As I finish up this blog I feel real life experiences are the one that make smile and laugh! I am not at all a science student and I have a conclusive answer to the question What makes me laugh?

Oh! Forgot my brother! He thinks and acts as if he is a very serious person but he is just like my Dad and uncle . He comes up with funny stories and shoots a meme so apt for the day bringing out his hidden family talent.😊


Wow! I did make through a week of posting one blog every day!

6 responses to “Laughter the best medicine 😀”

  1. You are so fortunate to have so many people around you to keep you smiling. Stay blessed 😊

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  2. I love that mug and would have ‘lost it’ laughing at it in the store. You are so lucky to be surrounded by so many lovely and funny people. 😊

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      1. Congratulations on making it through the first week of Bloganuary 🥳

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