I am new to writing. Though I have an account for the past two years, I didn’t use it much. The reason maybe many, but I think I was really hesitant to put my thoughts into writing.

But a week of continuous writing has really helped me open up myself more. When I started my blog, I wanted to do something for myself but I did add in my home page that I cannot avoid my son and his autism since it is a part of me. As I read through my blogs I do see I have kept myself that promise, opening up to other aspects of life. I think I like that about my writing .https://wordpress.com/post/specialmomsblog.mom/64

Whenever I write about my son, I never wanted to write about my struggles but the positives in him. It really encourages me to work with him. As I finished 2021 I wrote a blog about making him a digital cookbook. Since I have committed myself on paper I am encouraged to work on the goal. https://wordpress.com/post/specialmomsblog.mom/102

I want my writing to reflect glass half full attitude and I am happy I have maintained it.

I can improve a lot in my writing but I do not want to discourage myself so I am not even going to mention those!

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