All about appearances!

What do people incorrectly assume about you? Bloganuary Day 9 challenge!

People incorrectly assume many things about other people, places and things. I make a sweet dish out of vermicelli, milk and sugar (semiya payasam)but I can also make another salty recipe with vermicelli , yogurt and salt(semiya bagala bath). Though they look the same, the taste is so different.

Samosas and Gulab jamuns are two dishes that are prominently served in Indian parties in the States. The former is an appetizer and the latter a dessert. My kids growing up here think these were the staples I grew up! But they are wrong. Both of the dishes are not from my region. Very few restaurants offer dishes from my part of the country. Any restaurant food is so customized for the American taste buds it is not what I grew up eating in India!

My Dad assumed that people in US are tall, and when he visited he said to me , wow people here are normal height. One day I was asked by a stranger in a coffee shop if India had many snake charmers. I said I have never seen one. We all assume things we have seen on movies and television.

Personally I have not had any people assume anything incorrectly about me or asked me or told me about it. But there was one experience I thought I can share . When I was in eleventh grade I used to attend a typewriting class, one day a girl in that class came to me asked me if I was a Gujarati , a person from Western India and I said I was from South only. Many years later I was shopping in an Indian store and a man came to me with a list written in Gujarati and asked me to help him shop from the list assuming that I could read that. Okay, two people in different parts of the world assumed that I was aGujarati. 😊

After taking a break for a month I am resuming my dieting regimen so my blog talked more about food! Even my picture!

An authentic Vegetarian South Indian food to be served in stainless steel plates!

21 responses to “All about appearances!”

  1. Great answer to the prompt…Delicious looking food 🙂

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    1. I second that, regarding the food!

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  2. Love reading your blogs, Ganga. I would like to share my experience.
    I decided to go “grey” during the last two years of WFH. And I am totally surprised how people judge my age just looking at my grey hair. Married woman calling me aunty, people offering seats in buses and vegetable vendor taking the liberty of asking if I am the mother of my younger sister!!! I used to get upset earlier but it was my choice and I have accepted my new look and totally comfortable in it, so such comments just bring a smile.

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    1. Thanks Radha! 😊 We assume so many things just by appearances!


  3. Muralidharan Narasimhachari Avatar
    Muralidharan Narasimhachari

    Yes I fully agree with you. Till today many used to call me ste u whether I am from North as I look like a Sindhi.

    Your dishes are amazing. You are not only a good writer but also cooking very well. When we come to usa in your state we will certainly visit for good lunch.

    Keep posting your Blog to my email.

    Did your father send you the award about your school. Your school P s senior hot best school award in the entire India. I hope your father would have sent the details, if not let me know.

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  4. Thank you uncle! My friend shared it with our group!


  5. Kimerle Anne Viccaro Avatar
    Kimerle Anne Viccaro

    Hi Uma, I am guilty too of assuming things about people who come from countries with different cultures than mine. Like I incorrectly assumed all people from India spoke the same language like here in the United States, English is the official language with different dialects from different parts of the country. But I learned from you that there are different languages spoken in India depending where you are from. And a lot of what I learned about India came from when the Beatles visited India and had a retreat and learned transcendental meditation. And George Harrison liked the music of Ravi Shankar and had the Concert for Bangladesh. And George learned the Sitar. I think that’s a very small moment in time to base a whole region on. I think it would be so good for children to start learning about other countries and their cultures, food and language in elementary school until high school.

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    1. Unless you experience it you can’t understand many things. Yes childten should be taught more about the world that they live in.


  6. I attended a cooking school in Hyderabad for a year, Ganga. I totally feel you on food. But Gulab Jamun 🤤.

    Can you buy idli in restaurants where you live? Idli with sambar is one of my favorite things in the world. 😁

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    1. Idli is available in a few restaurants, but the taste can’t match home since the weather is too cold for it to be fermented properly. But most restaurants have dosa and sambhar😀! Idli is not only tasty but healthy too.

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      1. Don’t I know it.

        Do the restaurants make those beautifully long, round dosa? They always look so impressive on the plate. 😁

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  7. I am work hungry and this food looks so good!

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  8. This food really should go viral 🤣🤣🤣

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  9. I really appreciate your thoughts on this topic and your food photos. Keep writing and cooking!

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    1. Thank you for your compliments!😊


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