A road trip I would like to take!

My second blog in the Bloganuary challenge!

Lake Michigan

My dream road trip is to visit all the temples in Tamil Nadu, India. Thanjavur, Brihadishvara temple will be my center point and maybe travel all around visiting all the beautiful temples around it. It will be a spiritual bliss for me along with enjoying the architecture of ancient Tamil Nadu!

But traveling with my severely autistic son is a challenge since he cannot enjoy the spiritual bliss or the architectural beauty.

We have done many road trips in the United States in the past 24 years we have stayed in this country. We have thoroughly enjoyed the natural beauty and the scenery of the country. My son enjoys these road trips and he knows the routine very well. So I am going to write about a road trip I would love to take in the US.

The first time we drove to Lake Erie was with our parents. The waves of the lake and the sweet taste of the water really caught our attention. After this trip we decided we should visit all the lakes of the Great Lakes. We have covered Lake Ontario in Canada, Lake Erie in different locations, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron in the state of Michigan.

So what is left? Lake Superior of course. This has been on our bucket list for the past few years. We want to make a trip along Sault Saint Marie. If you look at the map Sault Saint Marie is a mid point of three lakes. It is a 1200 mile round trip for us. We could have taken a flight to Minnesota and be done with our quest, but we want to make it an experience of our life time. So definitely this is a road trip I would like to take along with my family.


2 responses to “A road trip I would like to take!”

  1. Ganga, wish that you are make the road trip this year!

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  2. Both road trips sound great. Hopefully you can take them!

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