Maybe a new resolution!

An advice to the teenage me!

As a mother raising a teenage son, I have to flashback myself exactly thirty years ago.

I grew up as a very obedient girl (close to goody two shoes) who listened to everything my parents and grandparents . My only weakness was that I used to cry when I was hurt even a little bit and I was teased so much for that!

So fast forward what would I tell the teenage me who felt teased by her family, I think I have that experience now to convey to the teenage me😊.

They are your family , especially parents and grandparents , who love you the most. You don’t need to cry every time you get hurt. Just listen to them patiently. You cry because you are unable to express your opinion in words so instead of verbalizing, you are crying. Once you stop crying, you will be listened to and maybe even reciprocated.

Wow ! I think I should give this advice to the middle aged me to cut down on my anger with my husband and son. Crying and anger are weaknesses. If one of the two pops up ,then the opposite person neither respects nor listens to you. Patient listening is good for mental and physical health.

Definitely something to follow in 2022!

Happy New Year!

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