The joys of life for WDYS #186

Written for Sadje’s What do you see

Image credit; Alisa Dyson @ Pixaby

Ben had his baby sitter pick him up from school everyday. Anna his babysitter was a wonderful person. But he was only too surprised to see his beautiful Mama drop by. The happiness was immense and he could share all the things he did that day with her immediately. Maria was happy she could leave work early, she knew she has to work a way that at least once a week she could experience this joy.


5 responses to “The joys of life for WDYS #186”

  1. Beautiful and so real. Kids really love when parents are there too pick them from school. Thanks Ganga for joining in with this lovely story

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    1. Thank you. It is a beautiful picture and I had to join.

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      1. You’re welcome


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