Something to think and act

I got lot of Mother’s Day Wishes and two of them really touched me. One of them has a copyright to this organization so I am thanking them

Having raised two children one with severe needs and another a typical kid I have worn many hats and yearned for breaks.

Now my kids have grown I have much more time than before or I may say I have learnt to take breaks. When my Mom came last year I joined yoga class. Every bit of muscle ached 😊 and my Mom being here was a blessing since I could rest myself after the class and need not jump into cooking. It became part of my routine and I have continued yoga even after my parents left.

If you see a young Mom out there struggling with a toddler or a child with special needs any help would go a long way. Mother’s Day Wishes should not stop with just forwarding messages it should be put into action.😊

11 responses to “Something to think and act”

  1. A beautiful message Ganga

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      1. You’re welcome


  2. Such an inspirational post! Beautiful! 🌸

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  3. So true, that first picture says it all!

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  4. What a beautiful sentiment 💖

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  5. Love the post. Thank you for sharing.

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