Happy Earth Day and more

We made an unplanned visit to New Jersey last weekend for some personal reasons. It added to the tiredness I already had with our vacation in Florida and our house getting some makeover. The construction crew left the house with lot of cement and wood dust and I (we) have been cleaning non stop. When you start dusting you start throwing things and I had bags and bags of stuff to dispose. So by the middle of the week I was so tired and even with an eighty degree weather outside yesterday I was lazy to go to the park for a walk.

PA turnpike rest area

But one thing, I just did keep up was, I did write a couple of blogs to the pictures my brother sent me on WhatsApp. I wrote five blogs and I have encouraged him to start his own photo blog even if he does not have time to write one.

Temple elephant, picture by my brother

My Mom celebrated her 70th birthday this week in India and my husband told my parents that they should not celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday without us. It was really surprising to hear this because my husband is not a big fan of celebrations, yet he felt we missed this family event.

Special prayers at my parents house

It seems, it is Earth Day tomorrow. We did some craft work at my son’s social group today regarding saving planet Earth. Okay, in that process we had to throw away some plastic and did use a lot of paper. To paint the Earth we did use paper coffee filter. I hope this satisfies all my GO GREEN FRIENDS and I do have a few of them.

Trying to make an eco friendly Earth 😊

The rest of the spring is going to be spent in the comfort of my own house, cleaning it and setting up my garden. As of now I do not want to leave my own zip code. Yes, my basement is still a mess and we would be having people coming to lay in new carpet but that is a breeze compared to laying of kitchen floor tiles.

Happy Earth Day, not eco friendly 😀

Thanks Natalie for hosting the Weekend Coffeeshare.

10 responses to “Happy Earth Day and more”

  1. Wow those cherry blossoms are very pretty!

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  2. Cleaning wood dust is hard work. I hope you have a more restful weekend and a great week ahead. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.

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  3. We call earth as “Bhooma Devi”

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  4. Good effort Umakkutty

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  5. Love your creation! Also love teh photos from your brother.

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  6. Happy birthday to your mother! Hope you get lots of spring cleaning done. 😊

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