Things People play with!

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge :

Last week was Things People Grow and this week it is Things People play with!

When my special one was 3, we started browsing the internet for various therapies and one of them was Floor Time. This was a method developed by Dr. Greenspan and it involved tons of imagination. I even attended a six weeks course when he was 9. But we did accumulate a lot of toys in the process. But trains and Lego blocks were something that attracted my boy and it was spread all around the house . Stepping on these tiny trains or the overturned Legos was a painful thing (ouch) but it was a part of our life. These are now neatly packed and pulled out whenever we need them.

A trip down our memory lane as to the things we played with bought back so many good memories. I do not know if my special one developed imagination but the rest of our household had fun with the same.

7 responses to “Things People play with!”

  1. Interesting toy collection and a simpler way to educate and train the kids.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  2. I used to love playing jenga 😀 Great photos for this week 😀

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  3. This definitely caught my attention. Great image. Anita

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