Bloganuary Day 24, Expressing myself!

Prompt for today:

How do you show love?

My younger one calls me The Meany Mom. Yes, I show tough love. He loves that. So on days he is being pampered by me, he knows I am not in a great mood and I am going easy. When he was little, he had a hard time getting into water. Group lessons he would just sit away from class and would spend his time just watching his friends and I decided he needed one on one attention and put him in private lessons. Taking him to these private lessons were expensive and I also had to drag my special one whose schedule was affected in the process. I would say running behind a first grader with a swim pants in my hand was my workout of that day. That greatly helped him and he not only started swimming but also started doing Triathlons.

My special one the time his brother was learning to swim, started using the gym. Yes, he can now be on an elliptical for nearly thirty minutes. That in turn has helped our entire family to use the gym. We may not be using the all the equipments but we are inside for an hour, walking and moving around.

For my parents 49th Wedding Anniversary I got them step counting watch. I call my Mom everyday to ask her if she counted her steps. I show tough love to her too. She too gives me excuses but I do not get satisfied. By the way, with my Dad, he is super active, I was more curious to know how many steps he walks rather than make him walk, so I do not need to pressure him to walk😊.

Yes, my love towards my close ones are very tough but I do it for their good and I hope it helps them in the long run.

By the way my husband has always been the good cop so I had to be the bad cop and we are trying to reverse our roles this past year and it is not working out 😀!

14 responses to “Bloganuary Day 24, Expressing myself!”

  1. You remind me of my father who also always said that he was forced to be the bad cop since my mother insisted on being the good one. My mother always replied that my father would never be able to get along with a wife which behaved like a bad cop…

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    1. Parenting is so hard😂!

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      1. It sure is, but I think that it can be so satisfying too!

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  2. I love the image of chasing a little one around the pool. I did that myself with mine. It’s a great stomach workout as you hold everything tense to avoid a fall.

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    1. 😀 Mine began at home , around the furniture, up the stairs and down the basement. At the pool you need to take small steps or you fall down easily 😊. Oh they have grown up.

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  3. I was the “bad cop” with my children. As adults they are glad I had them to do things and not give up. I chased my youngest around the house with a bathing suit, only to have her take it off in the car on the way there, only once she did that. You are tough because you love.

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    1. Yes they understand as they grow our tough love!

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      1. My children are now parents. They now understand it is harder to show tough love, but necessary.

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  4. so well said – your best “love language” is using your strengths to do the best for others and being the “bad cop” really means you are the “good cop” in disguise!

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  5. Same in my house, I’m the bad cop 🤣.

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