Bloganuary Day 23, A beautiful day!

Prompt for today:

What’s a lie you tell yourself?

Getting up and saying to myself it is going to be a beautiful day whatever self, nature or other forces are going to put on to me. I am going to be happy and smiling all day!!!!

A winter wonderland it is today and it is so beautiful outside 🥰!

10 responses to “Bloganuary Day 23, A beautiful day!”

  1. Beautiful photos. It’s just rainy in my part of Tennessee.

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  2. I felt the same way about Nature’s sugarcoating this morning!


    1. I like this kind of snow!

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  3. Your photos could be my front yard! Just a powdering of snow. Pretty.

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  4. Staying positive, that is good. Really nice photos.

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  5. Not a lie, that’s making the best of whatever hand you’re dealt. We should all be more like that.

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