Bloganuary Day 16, Smell

Do you have a memory linked to a smell?

I always think about this when I visit Target. This was the first store I visited when I landed in this country. I picked up Tide and did my first laundry at our apartment. So the sight of Target and smell of Tide together brings in memories of my first day here in tहिज country and apartment laundry room.

Visit to our temple always brings memories back home in India. The smell of Turmeric, sandal and the flowers bring so much happiness and to think about it ,I am more energetic coming back home.

I have allergies to so many smells and I really cough when I have oil cooking. So when I got covid and was running a temperature my husband was making something for the kids. Surprise, surprise I couldn’t smell anything. I did not cough for nearly eight months since my loss of smell lingered for more tham six. Taste did come back quickly but smell came late. It was a blessing in disguise.

That’s all for today.😊

4 responses to “Bloganuary Day 16, Smell”

  1. Oh, I always claim my memory cells are in my nose. All smells trigger some memory or thought or feeling in me. I did not get COVID (that I was aware of, at least) and have not experienced the loss of smell. But I suspect that if I do, I’d probably attain nirvana – freedom from thoughts feelings and memory.

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  2. Aw, I love this.. And I’m glad your senses eventually came back! Mine were gone for about a week when I had it and it was awful.

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    1. Yes it felt weird and funny but smell is one important sense.

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