Bloganuary 2023 Day 3, Memory

What is the earliest memory you have?

Okay, Bloganuary was a bit confused. One blogger did write for this propmpt yesterday and I was not surprised when this prompt showed up on my feed today morning! So as I write I feel like I am cheating a bit😃 since I had some time to think about it!

My earliest memory is of my Mom being pregnant with my brother and she picking me up from my preschool. I was 3 and half years old. This is a very vague memory. My Dad always talked about how he carried me and walked all the way to school in a heavy rain with an umbrella only to learn it was closed on the first day of my school. It seems I started crying saying I wanted to go to another one and pointed to the bigger one that was open that day. As fate would have it, I joined that bigger school and did my schooling completely there.

But I do have better memory of my Mom having my brother. I remember crying on seeing my Mom at the hospital. I don’t remember looking at my brother’s face. Maybe the green eyed monster had set up itself in there. In contrast I remember the day I met his daughter, my niece . we have so many pictures and videos of that joyful day when he drove all the way to Austin from Dallas to show his bundle of joy where we had landed for one of my son’s therapies. Okay so not to go off topic, I did fall down during my Mom’s pregnancy and have a hairline fracture and did wear a sling on my right hand. My Mom and my aunts have talked to me multiple times about my crying at the hospital and my fracture so they have been clearly places in my memory with lot of reinforcements 😃.

As I think about it, only after five or six years old I have clearer memory of things. My grandfather used to tell me a story. A person went to a learned scholar and asked him why we do not remember our previous birth. The learned scholar asked him what he had for dinner the day before? He answered the question. Then he asked what he had a couple of days ago for dinner. The person could not recall. The scholar said you are not even able to remember what you ate in this birth how are you going to remember the previous birth😀.

Okay that is all for today. See you all tomorrow!

4 responses to “Bloganuary 2023 Day 3, Memory”

  1. You returned to chennai with me and didn’t stay back with your mom and just born brother.

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  2. It’s fun for me to imagine you crying because the school was closed and you wanted to go to another one because I cried when the school was open and I had to go.

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    1. 😂😂 . My younger one never wanted to set his foot in too and cried😀!


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