Christmas treats

Today was candy making class for my special boy. He loves cooking and he loves candies. Should be easy right? But there are some complications. He is surrounded in a place with candies and cookies and he has to be patient until he can eat one. My husband on the other hand didn’t want him bringing home a box full of sugary treats that can affect his sleep. So I had to think a lot to register and he was last minute entry to the class.

So today the first few minutes were really tense and his facilitator had kept his table empty so that he can relax. She also offered us a bag of M and Ms and after a trip to the bathroom it was smooth sailing with the group. I

Technically he didn’t cook anything 😊 but dipped snacks in hot chocolate and waited patiently for them to become hard again. So it was a great learning opportunity for him.

He only ate raindeer snacks, (I helped him finish off the bag) other than that he got home the whole box for his little brother 😀😀.By the way he did spend more than an hour at gym hopefully we compensated the sugar intake!!!!

I really should learn to take food pictures, the pictures don’t justify the taste😊.

oreo dipped in chocolate
pretzel dipped in chocolate
lots of jimmies😊
they did become hard quick
reindeer snack , so yummy 😋
the take home box

4 responses to “Christmas treats”

  1. Those candies look amazing. It’s one thing I miss with getting older. Can’t eat as many candies as I could in the past. Glad your son (and you) had a good time.

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    1. Thanks. But these are just chocolate dipped so it is okay to have a few.😃

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  2. Those look so good Uma and fun to make. Where was the class offered?


    1. Kim it was conducted by his program only at Presbyteriam church.


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