California trip

Image Credit; Mohamed Almari @ Pexels

What do you see # 163- 5Th December’22

Welcome back to another WDYS prompt

This picture brings back memories from our trip to California ten years ago. We stayed at my cousin’s house for nearly a week and had a really good time there. If you have friends and family in the place you visit life becomes very easy. Very less planning was required since my cousin packed up food whenever we went out sightseeing and we had excellent guide (my cousin of course ) maneuvering us around the city. I thought California was a warm place only to realize we needed jackets to walk on the Golden gate bridge and with fog it was not that easy. From California we drove to Lake Tahoe and to Reno, the biggest little city in Nevada. What a hectic trip it was.

Memories from our trips

It has been exactly five years since we have taken my boy on an airplane. The pandemic really put a stop to our air travel. He sometimes comes to us and asks, suitcase, airplane and I say to him yes we will go. But we still are not ready to take that big step. It has been eight years since I traveled to India, but I have made a vow that I will do that trip next December. So before my India trip, I want to go somewhere local to test out how his tolerance to airplane and airports are going to be. Until then we will be doing road trips. Anyhow I should not feel bad at all as my google maps timeline shows all the places we have been to this year and it is all wonderful memories.

33 states visited

5 responses to “California trip”

  1. Thanks Ganga for sharing your memories with us. I went to LA in 2004, my first trip to the USA. It was a great experience.

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    1. I landed in LA but have never seem the city around. Maybe soon one day.😊

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      1. I hope you will.

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      2. You’re welcome

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