Karthigai Deepam

If entire India lights lamps for Diwali, Tamil Nadu , southern state lights lamp nearly a month later called as Karthigai deepam. My Grandmother’s explanation was this part of India receives the North East Monsoon rains unlike other parts that receives during South West Monsoon. Lighting of lamps is good to get rid of diseases and the insects that come along in a safe way.

Okay we light lamps and what else is done . A variety of snacks is always prepared for any festivity. This is one festival that comes as a choice for me here with regard to snacks. I do not light lamps outside the house, since it is too cold but I do light a few inside my house and of course the Christmas tree and the lights are usually up during this time, so my house is already bright.

As you all know I work now nearly 25 hours a week with my son taking him into the community, but I have kept Tuesdays off to stay in the house and teach him cooking. Luck may have it, this year the light festival happens to be on Tuesday. My husband was thrilled that I should make a specific snack called pori urundai (puffed rice and jaggery). Ha Ha, I have never attempted in my 25 years of marriage and today morning I looked up on it on the youtube and did come up with something similar to it. It seems I have to make balls with it, but I think my consistency did not come up and it is just jaggery mixed puffed rice that I have. Anyhow we have to break to eat it, so I am leaving it as such. But let me tell you, my husband he is never going to ask for it again in his life. I have some vessels in the sink that have the jaggery sticky and caramelized that he is definitely going to have a hard time after lunch. These are traditional recipes and supposed to be made out of good stuff. If I master it, this will not be called a junk. Anyhow it is going to taste good since it has a ton of sweet in it and anything sweet will not last long in my house.

There are other snacks that are made which are my favorite and I hope I will be making it in the evening with my son’s help and offering to Lord Muruga. A bit busy evening ahead so just wanted to make a quick morning post.

Happy Karthigai to all who are celebrating it today.

4 responses to “Karthigai Deepam”

  1. It’s always good trying new things whether they turn out the way we expect them to or not 😊.

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    1. Ha ha this I could have put some more effort. Maybe another time.

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  2. On December 6th we attended the Sahasra Deepotsava in Venugopala temple, in Manipal. The whole place looked beautiful, after puja there was prasada. Thank you for sharing your day 🙂

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