My next project?

So what should I do with my kid? How am I going to engage him next? This is a hard task, but let me tell you google and amazon know my difficulty. As I just searched one craft material, the apps keep throwing me links to other similar things. Some are expensive and some are cheap. Some are worth the money and some are not. But let me tell you this is much easier than taking my boy to the dollar store undecided for a project and searching for material.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be shopping around hobby stores and craft stores. But that is what is keeping my son engaged in a positive manner so I am fine. I love my boy that I am ready to learn new things even if they did not interest me when I was a little girl. But this online thing seems to be easy. If my son needs a community outing I can browse online and see if it is available in that particular shop a and pick up the item later at the store. I am also saving money by not getting anything unnecessary and that KitKat or Reese that I have to get as a reward for my son at check out counter is also not necessary (Hey I have to pick up my battles at the check out counter)!

While I am at it, I have to say one thing has happened at the restaurants after pandemic. The serving size has gone down. Yesterday, at the mall I got a small fry for my son, the price has not increased but the serving quantity is down. I am happy. A few fries less is fine with me.

I have understood I am not a super woman. I cannot wear many caps at a time and I am letting my family know that for clear. But I am holding on to the crafting person cap for sometime since it is giving me some immediate rewards.

So what is my next project? I still do now know as I still have many options and if I do finish one with my kid I will be posting it on my blog. By the way the beans my son planted during summer has yielded good. If you have not read about it, you can read it here and here.

6 responses to “My next project?”

  1. All the best for new project!

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  2. Maybe with Fall coming and the beautiful colors of Fall you could collect pinecones and make a wreath of pinecones for your front door, and get some pretty ribbon at Michael’s for the wreath or if you get a pumpkin, you could let Ani help roast the seeds in the oven with some Indian spices.

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    1. Yes it’s going to be all Fall the next two months. 🙂


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