Navaratri 2022

I am so happy that this is the third year in a row I am blogging about my Navaratri Golu.

This year as I mentioned in my previous blog, my theme is to showcase where we are from . We come from the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu rich in culture and traditions and with beautiful landscapes. The Sangam period in Tamil Literature, which quotes the period from 6th Century BCE to 3rd century CE shows the landscape divided into five sections.

Kurunji- The mountains

Mullai- The Forests

Neidhal-Land close to the seashore

Marudham- The fields

Paalai- Dessert .

It was interesting to note that there weren’t any dessert and that the Mullai and the marudham lands turned into desserts. This information was new to me.

We used the above information to create an area showing Tamil Nadu is Beautiful with four of the five landscapes. The main deity of Tamil people is Lord Muruga who resides usually in mountains but one seashore Temple in Thiruchendur is a beauty and interesting fact, Lord Muruga is the main deity there too. Thanjavur, the rice belt of Tamilnadu is also depicted. Thanjavur Temple built by Rajaraja Chola during 10th Century AD has one of the biggest Shiva Lingas has also been depicted. Elephants of Mudumalai forest/mountain region are also one part of this landscape.

The main five step features Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi the Goddess of Strength, wealth and education. The rest of my settings include stories from Ramayana and Bhagavadam. We also have lot of collectibles from the places we visited. We also have fall scenario in the US and a Christmas village.

My special one made six 300 piece puzzles throughout the year, along with painting and crafts that would become the background scenes. Two small steps exclusively were created to showcase of his dolls that he had painted and we even have some lego dolls which he made for the first time. He is 25 years old and yes he learnt a new skill. The farmers places in the field were made with wooden peg dolls. I helped my son paint them and stick eyes onto them. It was fun to glue some hair on them too. We have not become professional artists but the online classes did definitely help us☺️.

I don’t want to write anymore. Watch my youtube link and enjoy the work I did along with my special one. If you do like it, why not drop a comment below it would be motivating for the next year Golu🙂🙏.

Fruit loop trees.
My theme Landscapes of Tamilnadu
A panoramic view

17 responses to “Navaratri 2022”

  1. It is so beautiful, I remember once I visted the border of Tamil nadu

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  2. 👋👋 to Ani. Hats off to you for the wonderful kolu

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  3. Wow! That looks beautiful, it’s great that you are keeping up your traditions. You’re also helping some of us learn new things. 🙂

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  4. Golu looks so beautiful!

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  5. Beautiful Golu Uma

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  6. Golu suuuuuper

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  7. Wow! That’s so beautiful!

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  8. Muralidharan Narssimhachsri Avatar
    Muralidharan Narssimhachsri

    Wonderful Golu.

    You have taken so much pain to do this. Our best wishes to your son who helped you.

    Keep it up .

    Job very well done.

    Murali and Rama


  9. Muralidharan Narssimhachsri Avatar
    Muralidharan Narssimhachsri

    Super Golu.

    You have taken so much effort.

    Our sincere best wishes to your eldest son who helped you a lot.

    GBY all.

    Keep it up. Job very well done.

    Murali and rama

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    1. Thank you so mich!🙏


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