Reverse engineering and theme

As I start sending out my invites for my Golu next week, people have started asking what is the theme for my Golu this year?

My special one has worked on a lot of things this year and just like last year I wanted to incorporate in my exhibit. But this year I want to highlight or make his work predominant. I had lot of plans for a theme but I decided I should work around his craft work. Some work are simple and some are complicated ones. So that did definitely leave me in a lot of confusion.

Finally things are settling. Though I did know what topic goes along with his work , I finally know how to exhibit properly, so both his work and the topic I chose gets integrated. I still need him to do a couple of things as fillers and yes, I have the most cooperative boy on this planet. I would call him my genie.

I am learning Bhaja Govindam, the famous hymn by Adi Shankara. (that is not the theme)😊. In that he asks people to let go of the worldly pleasures and to merge with Brahman. With autism I did the opposite with my boy. He was in his own world and I had to bring him back to the pleasures of the world. I basically reverse engineered him. Same way I chose a craft work and then chose the topic or the theme for my Golu.

Nowadays themes are sophisticated. People talk about climate change, pollution and saving the world. My theme this year is simple. As I had mentioned in my previous blog lot of return gifts (check out the link) are made by my son’s special friends. So they all have been invited this year. So I am just explaining in my Golu from where my boy or their Ani is from. I am really happy that I am able to showcase that.

The next few days are going to be busy and I think my next blog will be featuring my Golu. See you then.

Working on craft
Touch up on his puzzles
Bringing up boxes of dolls
Getting the empty boxes back to the basement
Even attempting to fix the steps

6 responses to “Reverse engineering and theme”

  1. Umakkutty, both Anikkuttan and You are really great

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  2. Vishnupriya Raghavan Avatar
    Vishnupriya Raghavan

    I have no words to express my feelings as a parent Ganga. What you have created is a special bond with Ani.

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  3. Priceless Family bonding. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Take care.

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