Living in the present

We tend to carry a lot of baggages. Our everyday one is in itself so heavy. To be able to work on that we need to let go of some heavy ones like the past and the future. A nice illustration I saw on facebook.

Weekend was great for my boy. We went to a Diwali Mela. We went for food, but there was song and dance and it was a very casual atmosphere. There was so much of food my boy didn’t even eat much. He just enjoyed Bollywood music and dance. I would say he lived in the present and had his happiness.

The mela had lot of Indian clothes on sale. Boy! I am a dinosaur when it comes to Indian clothes. I did get a saree or two in the past few years but not any readymade clothes. They do cost a fortune. I am not big time into clothes already and the pandemic did pull down my interest. My boys at home are not interested in clothes. I can safely say whatever we are saving on clothes definitely gets spent on food😂.

Other than that I gave a two minute speech in Tamil, for British Indian Tamil Radio for the upcoming Navarathri Festival and the competition on Saturday . I had sent the recording last month and it was a great joy to hear the DJ say my name followed by my speech . Greatest two minute present pleasure.

It is a rainy morning here. The weather man said we need that rain so taking that too in a positive way. Letting go of a lot of burden today and being positive😊.

3 responses to “Living in the present”

  1. Hi Uma, I liked the picture from Facebook too. I feel like that is me for a long while now. So much uncertainty for the future and so much from the past weighs me down. Like today, I watched some of the Queen’s funeral, so much tradition and history there but also so much love from those who lined the streets and waited in line for miles and for up to 15 hours just to walk by the Queen’s casket to pay their respects. But today is also a year since my own dear Mother Nancy passed away at age 92. Today is hard for me.

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    1. Kim hugs to you. To live today we have let go of the past. We need not forget it but not carry the load.


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