Obsessive Compulsiveness

2021 October

I have started my Navarathri set up in my home. This is not easy every year since my son is obsessed with things being in the same place. He is not a neat freak. He has his own arrangement and that cannot change. Yesterday with huge effort my husband with my helped moved a table. Within few minutes, we came to the room and saw the table being moved back into the same place. Thinking about it makes me laugh now, but my husband has sciatica issues and I am not a strong person so we both were upset we needed to move it back again. My husband argued with me why that table need to be moved and that I should work around it. Today morning, I moved another table or I would say I added a table to the room. But this time, I saw to it that my son was there to help me. He was very very reluctant to bring the table from storage. But he saw this was an adamant Mom and he left the room later.

It has been years since we have started training him and involving him during Navarathri. People keep using OCD in their every day conversation casually in a fun mode. But in my house OCD is a major component. There are days I cannot win OCD just like I did today. It takes over our life. Obsessive Compulsiveness is a disease just like any other. Medications help you a bit. We need lot of therapy and that is really lot of hard work. It is definitely exhausting.

It is not OCD Awareness month or day or time , but it is a day for me since I really want to make lot of changes in my home which seems to be a struggle. Something that people do it casually is really an exhausting task. Writing or blogging it gives me an outlet so I did.

3 responses to “Obsessive Compulsiveness”

  1. Hi Uma, is it Ani that likes everything the same way and the tables in the same spots as last year? I am that way too but maybe not as much as Ani. It is hard to change even for us who don’t have OCD so it must be super hard for Ani. But one thing, he sure does have a good memory to remember the set up from last year. I have trouble remember like that unless I take a photo to look at the next year to see how I did it.

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    1. Kim He doesn’t want the set up. That is what he is trying to do😂. But me I am adamant and saying he has to adjust for a few days.


  2. Oh, I didn’t know that. Well Ani seems to like it once it is all set up because it is so pretty and fun to look at and imagine yourself walking around as a miniature person🙂

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