Safe Journey

My parents are leaving for India next Thursday. Of course, it is a very emotional time after staying with us for nearly six months. When will I be able to meet them again? As of now I do not have any plans. But if I do find a sweet spot(an appropriate time) I will definitely travel to India to visit them. So I am not putting any negative statement saying, Oh I do not know how I would do a Transatlantic trip with my special one.

As they finish up their packing, they asked me get extra straps for the step counting watch which we got here. My Dad said last time he got a watch , they could not find a strap in India so I ordered one for them online today. As I was browsing the product information pamphlet of their watch, the tiny letters irritated me. I just put it aside and googled and found the watch strap online. If wasting plastic is crime, I would say printing these small pamphlets is a waste of resource too. With all the information available online I do not think we need these books anymore.

Before my parents came here they were locked up in their house for two years because of the pandemic. Things have changed and I am really excited for them to go back to India and enjoy what they had lost the past two years.

I did my farewell and safe journey blog early so I am not too emotional. Loved every minute of their stay (fights and arguments are part of any family so we did have many) but this stay was a memorable one.

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  1. It is great that your parents can back to travel .

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