ISP Meeting!

What is a ISP meeting?

Individual Support Plan (ISP) Meeting means an annual meeting facilitated by a services coordinator and attended by an individual’s ISP team. The purpose of the ISP meeting is to determine the individual’s needs, coordinate services and training, and develop the individual’s ISP.

So today was my son’s ISP meeting. He turned 25, 2 weeks back. The annual meeting is held around his birthday every year. So why did I post a picture of a potato, okra and tomatoes.

Oh, I am really moody and irritated usually around this time. I think people around me have to accept that. I have accepted my son’s diagnosis a long time back but every year this kind of meeting do brings out all the sadness. It brings back my first IEP (Individualized Education Plan) I had with his preschool teachers when he turned three. So from yesterday or say for the past week I have been really nervous or fighting or arguing over silly stuff. Today early morning too I was not in a great mood. I was upset over some WhatsApp messages which I had no right to be. I am not that silly. So around 7.30 in the morning I went to the garden and found these jewels, an okra, a potato and a few tomatoes. They bought so much joy. So this post and the message are for me to learn to accept the present and not think over the past.

So how was the meeting today morning. I have a good team. As my husband said, I live in a country where there is a system in place. Yes, we do have severe labor shortage but we have been adjusting. My son has improved so much in so many ways. After a two years being at home, he has started attending programs in a group. So many good things are happening. It was a great meeting. I never thought my son would be able to do certain things in his life, which he is doing now. On the other hand we did not expect certain bottle necks with his disability which we are learning how to handle.

To all my Indian friends Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. We celebrated yesterday evening in lieu of today’s meeting and Lord Ganesh did support me. Here is a clip of my son making a sweet snack for the festival.

4 responses to “ISP Meeting!”

  1. Hi Uma, I live so close to you that I have seen Ani and Mahesh grow up. They are both such good boys. I am very impressed with Ani how he rides his bike and cooks too. And Mahesh learned all the chants for when you went back to India. I hope that now that the ISP is over, you will feel better.

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    1. Thanks Kim, Yes I am relaxed after the meeting 🙂.


  2. It makes so much sense that you’d be ‘off’ (a word that encompasses much more) in the time/space around the ISP meeting. My body remembers the stress of things whether I think about it or not.

    And going off of what I’ve heard from parents I work with/have learned from, these meetings can really feel like trying to climb a mountain with a string and flip-flops.

    That said, I’m so glad this one went better and that it sounds like lots of positive shifts are on-going (not to mention delicious looking!) 🙂


    1. Yes that is true, even if you are prepared you are nervous. Thank you!

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