My Road Trip

During Bloganuary prompts in January there were two prompts. One, who was my inspiration and the other what was the road trip I would like to take.

Amazing as it happens I did take a surprise road trip last week to Dallas from Pittsburgh to celebrate the person who inspired me. Long before the pandemic I had started memorizing the Holy Bhagavad Gita. To mark my Guru’s 80th Birthday a massive gathering of nearly 2000 people assembled at the Allen Event Center in Texas to chant the Holy Text. The highlight of the event was The representative for the Guinness World Records presented The Guinness World Record, for the largest simultaneous Hindu Text Recital to my Guru. You can read all about the event here.

Even few months back we were not sure if we could attend the event with all the pandemic protocols when one person suggested why not take a road trip. We had just then taken a road trip to Myrtle Beach and felt that was a much better option with all the airline cancelations and lost baggage.

My son started a new anti anxiety med in June and I think me and my husband should have gone on one too. That is how the trip was making us nervous. It is a 1200 mile trip and 7 night stay. Myself and my younger son had to be at practice sessions and as luck would have it my older one loved Dallas with all the shopping complexes. He enjoyed his Hotel room (woom according to him) and I would give him an A plus though I would fail myself and my husband for the many arguments we had expecting the worst of situations. Nothing bad happened. My son and my husband had to miss the event but looking back I should have gotten them tickets since he enjoyed the event center while we were at practice. So maybe next time we would do it. Dallas is full of Indian restaurants and we celebrated his 25th birthday at a wonderful restaurant.

So what about the drive? We as a family enjoyed crossing so many state borders. The Kentucky race course, Bill Clinton’s library in Arkansas, the Mississippi river in Memphis, Route 66 in Missouri are the experiences that will be in our memory. The many travel plazas we stopped by for snacks and souvenirs cannot be forgotten including the The Choctaw Travel Plaza in the State of Oklahoma which is run by Native Americans.

Traveling with a special person is hard. But I think this was a very good trip for my son who had to adjust himself to so many things. As my Mom(who stayed home and missed him dearly) said as we reached home, oh, he seems to be more verbal and understanding. Hearing those words made me happy since we felt all the hard work for the trip paid off.

4 responses to “My Road Trip”

  1. Hi Uma, it seems you had a wonderful trip, did you have to stay in different hotels in different states? My Aunt Jane and and Uncle Jerry moved to Dallas in 1984 and they loved it there. They liked how there were wide highways and flat roads. We went there to visit them when my kids were little and it is true, everything is bigger in Texas. We went to the school house book depository building to see where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy in 1963. There is a museum there. We did not drive though, we flew, but my Aunt Jane and Uncle Jerry always used to drive back home to Pittsburgh for visits. I think it is fun to stay in hotels and drive through different states.

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    1. Texas is huge😀. This is the first we also drove. We have never attempted this.


  2. What a magical family trip. These memories will be drawn on in later years. And that part of the travels were centered around a religious/spiritual celebration will make it all the more special

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