Day 22 of my challenge!

I ran out of ideas today since it was a hot morning with thunderstorms in the afternoon. But my younger one said, let’s do bowling . So that is what we did today. We never did bowling until my son started his adult day program. Special needs community has lot of bowling programs and they have competitive programs too. So I knew I had to train my son so he can be part of the community.

With pandemic bowling was one thing that got affected. In fact being a closed space, I myself was not comfortable and we really did not try it again.

So how did we do today at bowling? Pretty decent. He even wore his shoes, so the first game he was antsy, but by second game he was settled. He took turns playing with his brother and walking around. His speed is still low and we definitely need the gutter guards but he seemed to have enjoyed it.

He still seems to think movie theaters and bowling alley as some kind of food court. My goal for future is to make food secondary and the activity primary. I think that is a decent goal for his future. Anyway the food and drinks are way too expensive in these places.

See you all again tomorrow with another fun activity. Thank you for stopping by.

Waiting for his turn
His turn

4 responses to “Bowling”

  1. I admire your stamina, getting out and doing things everyday!

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  2. Hi Uma, I used to bowl with my Mom. She bowled with a group of ladies and Mom asked me to join. It was fun but the only thing I didn’t like was at that time, smoking was allowed at the bowling alley and my clothes always smelled like smoke afterwards. I hope they have banned indoor smoking there now. It is really fun though.

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    1. No Kim there is no smoking inside.


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