Tie dying

It is day 13 of my challenge. Today my son was antsy in his program (more than antsy) and wanted to leave and go to the mall. Of course I took him shopping but not to the mall but to Michaels, a craft store. With summer I could see a lot of activities on sale. But luckily I got what I wanted and it was on sale of course.

So with just a candy from the check out counter we got a load of craft activities home and we did our first activity today. Will the rest be done this month? That I do not know. It depends.

The craft we did today was easy one but a messy activity. My Mom was there to support me. I made her watch some you tube videos of the craft so she would be there when I needed help. She is a better artist than me and would have done a better job if she had the lead. But my son is much better with me helping him so we finished it with me being the artist . So what did we do? We tie dyed T shirts. He did not mind getting wet or having paint in his hands. The T shirts are for another activity that I have planned so hopefully you will see us wearing them this month.

Thanks for joining me today and hope to see you all tomorrow.

6 responses to “Tie dying”

  1. I look forward to see you wearing the lovely bright Tshirts.

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  2. Tie Dye is so 70’s, ha ha, me and my best friend Mary, we were teens early 70’s and we used to use rit dye and make tie dye shirts a lot. They were so fun to make!!

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    1. Ha, Ha that was the first one on the list😀!


  3. You made the perfect Jamaican🇯🇲 T-shirt. That is the color of our flag 🙂.

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    1. Wow! I didn’t know that. 😀

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