Sidewalk chalk!

My master bucket list😀

Using a sidewalk chalk may look silly or easy but this is one activity my special one hasn’t done at all. Scribbling on the wall is a much easier option than scribbling on a concrete floor.

Today morning a facilitator posted a nature walk task on their program fb page. The task being to collect things from nature from a colorful palette.

We decided to hit two activities at home today. It was a muggy morning with drizzle but out we went with a bucket of chalks. I made my kid draw nearly nine circles with different colors of chalk pieces and with the chalks as a clue he had to walk around our garden finding matching stuff. Green and red are easy in the garden, but other colors he had to search for. The yellow, pink and purple flowers were hidden. Orange and yellow leaves were hard to find and black was our mulch while we didn’t have blue we found a trash piece with blue on it. Brown was of course some sticks. This was hard, but once his Dad joined this activity he was cooperative. Point noted by me, anything that is hard he can do with his Dad. (By the way we found an orange glove, before we found orange leaves)!

Then was me drawing an eight and asking him to trace the same and walk on it. He followed his Dad’s lead walked once along with him and made three rounds on his own. He did struggle to trace the eight. In fact I had hard time drawing the eight myself 😀.

Okay! I had pushed him already when I decided I should make him play hopscotch. I asked him to make squares but his circle and squares all looked similar and I was fine. I asked him to write the numbers one to eigjt and as soon as he was finished, I saw my husband skipping over the squares🤣😂, he did become a little boy and forgot all about his back pain😊😊.

I have posted pictures of today, they are not so bright but I am really happy with the games we did. The eight is going to stay and maybe we will have a better permanent one for my son. My Mom was saying she too would be using it. Two weeks of activities done. See you tomorrow with another one.

As we collected stuff from nature
The purple clematis
With all the collected stuff
walking on the eight
Trying to trace the 8
The hopscotch squares 😊

8 responses to “Sidewalk chalk!”

  1. I love all in the family are participating in the daily activities 😀

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  2. Hi Uma, can we have a play date?😂. Everything you are doing reminds me of the games me and my brothers played outside when we were kids. Hopscotch was so much fun, is jumping rope on your list? I tried to do hopscotch with Mary and Timmy, my grandchildren last summer and I tripped and fell, luckily I didn’t get hurt much. It’s so good that Dad helps you too❣️❣️

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    1. Ha Ha. You can do the nature walk with your kids. Not a strain.


  3. Walking the figure 8 has lot of health benefits including bringing focus and concentration.

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    1. Yes it is a left and right brain activity and beneficial for all!

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  4. […] This flower was hidden under a bush as my son hunted for yellow color in our garden as we did a nature color hunt! […]

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