Angry 😡 Birds 🦅

Day 7!

Today was a trip to the movie theater. It was raining hard in the morning so decision was easy. Free angry bird movie 2 at Phoenix cinemas. All summer long Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 10 am is there is going to be a G or a PG movie.

So first time in two years we went to the theater. But I was really lucky since my son remembered everything including the popcorn bucket and even how the recliner works.

So what is my reflection on this trip? He wasn’t antsy. He was fine sitting there for the full movie. It was just 90 minutes but he seemed to be occupied and relaxed. Anyway I also enjoyed the movie.

So a positive experience overall! My younger one finishes school Thursday and the second week will involve more activities with him too. I am really grateful I took this challenge since I am trying a lot of things and planning to visit locally more places than I would normally do. As for my son, we are seeing less obsession with his music and ipad and I am hoping he develops more interests.

See you all tomorrow with another activity.

2 responses to “Angry 😡 Birds 🦅”

  1. That sounds really fun Uma, I am so happy you are doing so many new things with Ani, now when Mahesh is home, he can join in with you two. Movies are really fun, there are no distractions like the doorbell ringing or text messages so it is easy to just sit back and watch the movie.

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    1. Yes Kim it is not crowded too. So more relaxed.


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