It is Day 6! If you are new to my blog, I just wanted to let you know I am blogging every day for the month of June about different activities I do with my boys (especially my special one). After a hectic ball game yesterday we decided to stop at the library today. We used to visit the library often before the pandemic. My special boy loved the puzzles there and my younger one used to volunteer. Pandemic really put a hard stop. Then our library started renovation, I should not use that as an excuse, but still I am going to do!

So today after his day program we went to the library just down the road. Though hesitant, my boy entered the library. It was hot outside, so he thought the air-conditioner might cool him off. Yes, the library has a lot of work going on and the adult fiction section was completely shut off. The teen section had more books and we picked out three books, one fiction and two non fiction books. We use rapid prompting method while reading and for any kind of academic activity. I would say any parent that has a nonverbal kid who is more than seven years old to try this method. The fast pace reading activity really engages my son and has worked really well for him.

We got books about Italy and France. So it may not be limited to just reading the book, it may involve some yummy cooking too in the process😀. I think that is called an all round education. My bucket list shows trips to the library and read ten books this summer. I think we are off to a good start. Hopefully by August end we would have covered ten countries in Europe.

Thank you all for stopping by. See you again tomorrow.

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